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A Simple Nail Art

A simple nail art

This is a guest post by Sarah Paul

Hello everyone,  I have great interest towards fashion and trends. I love to create my very own styles, because I’m so poor at replicating and copying others. I try to create comfortable, suitable and appealing looks for me. Every women is beautiful in their own way. I strongly believe, that a confident and outgoing woman would look very beautiful more importantly inside and also outside.

So why do I talk so much about beauty, because this blog is going to offer a DIY beauty tutorial. All girls and women love to have pretty nails and beautiful hands. Some spend so much of money in nail salons for manicure to beautify their fingers and nails. But why don’t we try that at home.The internet is just flooded with thousands of nail art tutorials, and here is mine too. But I hope this post will provide you a step by step tutorial, which is simple and realistic and it can be really done at home. Trust me once you get familiar and comfortable doing this, you are just gonna pat yourself and say “ what a talented nail artist am I”. No tools required, all you need is a cello-tape/scotch tape.

Step 1:

Take 2 to 3 nails polishes. ( I am using 2 colors for this demonstration.)

Clean your nails, file them. Then paint your nails with a base color, apply 2 to 3 coats. Let them dry completely. Don’t worry if it gets messy, we can clean it up at the end.


Step 2:

Take a tape ( preferably the one with a small breath and less adhesive), cut it in small lengths. Try to make it less adhesive, by sticking it on a surface and then use it on your nails. Because more adhesiveness may pull your nail paint off. Place it on your nails and try to bring out some shapes, designs, patterns as you desire. Let your creativity work for you. Here in this demonstration, I created a simple triangle and rectangle.


Step 3:

Once the tapes are positioned correctly, apply the next color. Remove the tape while the polish is still wet. Do one nail at a time. Let them completely dry. They will look fancy already.


Step 4:

If you want to decorated them further. And if you find some beads, rhinestones or glitters at home, you can use them too. Let your creativity fly. These tiny accessories can easily stick firm on your nails using nail polishes itself.


Step 5:

Never forget to seal your work with a transparent or glossy top coat. And clean up the extra nail paint and the mess around the nails, using a nail polish remover and q-tip.


Keep calm and get your nails done.


A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying. BH


I believe you guys enjoyed my DIY and I hope you have found some nail decorating inspirations.

Remember, practice is everything. Don’t loose interest if you cant do it at the first time, keep trying.

Outdoor look of my pretty nails.


See you soon with another interesting blog.

About author: Hi, I’m Sarah Paul. Precious daughter of the all mighty. Married to a wonderful man and mom of two beautiful children, Angie and Jaden. I was born and raised up by devoted and God fearing parents, who taught me to be an independent and a strong woman in life. I’m a perfectionist (at least to a certain extent). I love to learn and try out new things.

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The Phantom Called “Perfect Love”

the phantom called perfect loveIt was when Cathy was 3 ½ years old and second one was 6 months old. I was sitting with desperation not knowing what to do next. Before moving on to that incident, here is a little information about me.

I’m not a child friendly person. I always love to watch them playing, love to hear their conversations, love to converse back. But, I’m so impatient when it comes to play or allowing them to do things they love to do.

But, now, after becoming mother of two children, I can’t say this anymore. I tried to play, do crafts, and tried what all I could. But, I failed. I failed EVERY single time. I desperately wanted help. I can’t do this anymore. They’re not going to love me, if I’m continued to be like this.

I called Cathy and started to talk to her.

Me: Cathy, do you love mommy? Cathy: Yes I do, ma

[After few other conversations….]

Me: What are you don’t like with mommy?

Cathy: You are not playing with me like grandma. You are watching Christa all the time. (And few more she added. All are mere truths, but I was sinking inside)

Me: Do you want to be with grandma?

Cathy: Yes ma. She should come and be with us.

Me: Grandma can’t come. Only you can go and stay with her. Are you willing to be with her?

Cathy: (Nodding her head fast) Nnnoooo. I want to be with you only. I will go and see her in my holidays along with Christa.

Me: Mommy is not taking care properly right? Am scolding you all the time right baby? Grandma will take good care right? Mommy won’t take it wrong darling.

Cathy: But, I can’t be without you all the time. I want to be with you always.

Yes, other than what I thought, she loved me irrespective of all my shortcomings. With tears, I hugged her with a great relief. Happiness overflowed. She loved me even when I failed her lot of times. She showed me how to love everyone beyond all their imperfections.

One or the other time, we all fail in showing our love to our loved ones. But, instead of feeling defeated and blaming ourselves, go ahead and mend the relationship. We will be surprised to know that they are still loving us beyond our imperfections. Problems in relationships are like, crack in the wall. The earlier you fix the easier it will be. Talk, say sorry, talk more, pamper, show love. Try one more time.

On the other hand, we might be expecting a perfect love from our loved ones. Often we get stressed out when he forgets our special days, When he could not baby sit even at the needed moment, when she could not understand the importance of your official meeting, when your kid could not understand your work load and nagging to play with you and many more!. There is no such thing called “perfect partner”, “perfect parent” or anything else. It’s just a phantom. No relationships are perfect by nature.  Be gracious and courageous to forgive & love our dear ones.

Love speaks louder than anything else. Perfection in relationship comes when we start loving our loved ones along with their imperfections. When you start doing that, you will be the motivator for your loved ones in the journey towards the perfect relationship. Pretty soon, they will also join hands in that pursuit. Love is highly contagious. It will just catch everyone in your home, and slowly, your home will be like a joyful paradise.

What’s your thought on “perfect love”? Will you go forward to mend relationships or will wait for the other person to talk about it?

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5 simple ways to overcome depression

5 ways to overcome depression-Depression is one of the worst enemies of this fast-moving world. It not only oozes out our mental strength but also affects our physical strength. It conquers all our happiness and confidence slow and steady! Day by day, it shuts us down and prevents us from doing anything.

On the other hand, if we compare depression as a poisonous substance then stress is a slow poison. Although we need some percentage of stress to help us function more efficiently, continuous stress  causes depression. Results say that only 10% of people suffer from depression without the influence of stress. The pre-stage of depression is too much of stress.

Most of us stress out almost all the time. Few of the common reasons that create stress are: workload, deadlines, heavy traffic, crying child, slow internet, bad road, hot climate, visitors without prior notice, and a LOT more. Some seems to be silly, but when we look into us deeply, we can see a lot of stress are coming from our day to day life.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, depression can not be overcome all of a sudden. It is a step by step process of intentionally fighting back. Here are the few steps that help to overcome depression in your day-to-day life

  1. Write all your thoughts in a paper & tackle it
  2. Forgive and forget
  3. Plan ahead and prevent the last minute stress
  4. Do something you love the most
  5. Eat healthily & sleep well

Write all your thoughts in a paper and tackle it

Depression is caused by a cluttered mind. For instance, once we return from office, our mind is relaxed and calm when we see a clean home. But, on the contrary, if we keep on dumping everything and fail to de-clutter our home, at one point of time, we won’t have a space to breathe peacefully.

Same thing happens in our mind. If we keep on stressing out and worrying about a lot of things, our mind could not handle it and results in depression. Instead of tackling the problems right away and throwing it away from our mind, we feel delicate to look at those fearful heaps of problems that are ruling our mind. But the truth is, those were not as fearful as we imagine. They can be handled and cleared off. Some of us tell that, “I don’t know what makes me feel low”, “I couldn’t sort out the reason for my depression”. Friend, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t sort out the reasons; it means that you are not willing to tackle the problem area.

To tackle our depression, we should know what all the factors that cause depression. For that, just sit down and WRITE what ALL you have in your mind right now. Your future goals, happiness, regrets, problems, hidden truths, relationship issues, work-related issues, deadlines, whatever! Whatever you have in mind, just dump it in a paper. Now you know what all running your mind. Read the list line by line. Tackle it one by one.

If you have to finish anything that have tight deadlines, then plan as per to finish it. If you have done any mistakes, ask for forgiveness. If you think that you have too many things on your plate right now, go ahead and say no to few things and free up your time. Strike off few plans that are stressing you out or just mark it for future and free up your present.

Strike off  the problems once tackled. It may take time to tackle it. But, it’s worth the effort. Common, free up your mind so that it can breathe! I’m sure that you won’t regret doing this. It frees up your body and soul and helps you to overcome depression.

Forgive and forget

The major thing that causes depression is our inability to forgive, let go and forget the bitter past. The life is too short to hold regrets and grudge against people. Forgiving people frees up our mind and soul. Everyone fails including us. Everyone disappoints including us. So, instead on counting on to EVERY single mistake of others, just practise to let go the bad past and forgive. It will make you a better person.

We are here to spread happiness and love. Let’s start that by forgiving people and forgetting those bad moments. Start looking the life in a bigger picture. We are blessed with so many things that are just a dream to most of the people in this world. So let’s stop focussing on to the negatives and turn our eyes towards all the good things we have and enjoy, in our day to day life.

Forgiving gives the other person to come out of their guiltiness and live a peaceful life. You are not only making you feel better but also touch another person’s life by your forgiveness.

Forgetting the hurtful moments is as important as forgiveness. Forgetting a haunting past prevents us from thinking about it, blaming the people who were responsible for it. This gifts you, not only a happy present but also and a hopeful future.

Plan ahead to prevent last minute stress

As I said earlier, continuous stress results in depression. When you start analyzing your stressful moments, you would have found out that lack of planning causes a considerable amount of stress. Planning ahead is a magic key to overcoming stress. For instance, Selecting the next day’s office wear, packing the things that are needed for school/office, getting the proper pair of socks, planning the next day’s lunch – everything will save you loads of time in the morning and present you a stress free morning. It will give the option to have a good sleep without any stress of doing all these in the morning. You wake up with a peaceful mind, get ready without hurry, have a healthy breakfast and move to the office on time. As your mind is calm, and your body get the proper nutrients, you can handle the things in that day without much stress. You get my idea.

In short, there should be a little amount of planning needed in every  area of our life, in order to avoid everyday stress which in turn helps to overcome depression.

 Do something you love

We are rushing and running all the time in our daily life. No time to sit back, relax and do what we really like.  There is a proverb that says “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. When there is no time for relaxation, and we continue to live a monotonous lifestyle, it will gradually change us to dull & depressed. Do something you love EVERY SINGLE DAY. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee early in the morning or a warm water shower at the end of the day, take some time to do it. These things don’t seem too flashy, but these contribute much for our happiness. Once you come back from office, other than just spending time in TV or burying your face in laptop or mobile, do something you really love. Take the time to make a note on the things you enjoy and make sure you do it.

Eat healthily & sleep well.

A healthy diet also contributes a big share to fight against depression. Make a point not to skip meals and eat on time. Food is not the place to show your emotions. If you really love yourself, eat even if you don’t feel like eating. Look out for vitamins that are helpful to fight depression and make sure to include that in your diet. Avoid junk as much as you can and look out for healthy snacks. Have a proper bedtime routine to have a better sleep that results in a good rest and stress-free morning which in turn overcome depression.

What are your choices to overcome depression? Is there any other point that you follow to fight depression?

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A simplistic approach to meal planning – PART 2

meal planning part 2

This post is about the actual meal planning. If you have missed reading the part 1 which contains the preliminary steps to do before meal planning, then read it here. Okay, now we have the list of recipes that we prepare, for all types of meals.

Decide on the time span 

While some people prefer to do a bi-weekly/ monthly meal plan, I always prefer to do a weekly meal plan. It’s quite easy for me to plan & buy required things. It also helps me to lessen the food wastage and stick on to the plan. In addition to that, one-week meal planning just requires less than 15 minutes.

Decide on the base meal

My base meal is lunch. This is how it works. I plan mainly for lunch, as my dinner & breakfast are planned according to my choice of lunch. For instance, if there is some leftover curry in the afternoon, then my dinner will be based on that curry. Mornings are also based on my lunch. If I make sambar, I prefer to make idli/dosa/Pongal in the morning. I hope you get the idea now. 

Draft a base meal theme 

Drafting a meal plan will be more realistic, if we stick on to a particular theme for every weekday other than planning to cook specific recipes. This is a one time planning. This theme gives you the luxury of choosing vareity of  recipes under each theme and plan as per. As my base plan is lunch, here goes my base meal theme

SUNDAYS: Biriyani/ fried rice with one/two non-veg side dish.

MONDAYS:  bland veg curry with spicy vegetable fry

TUESDAYS: Tangy & spicy veg curry with a bland vegetable side dish

WEDNESDAYS: Fish curry with fish fry plus one green side dish

THURSDAYS: Keerai(greens) sambar plus a spicy vegetable fry

FRIDAYS: Variety rice with onion raitha/egg fry

SATURDAYS: Super simple curry with a vegetable side dish

With the above base plan, I plan my weekly meals. As I mentioned earlier, this helps me to choose varieties of dishes under each theme. For example, bland veg curry gives me the option to choose one of the varieties of bland veg curries in my recipe list. Similarly, draft your base meal theme and from that you can draft a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meal plan.

Draft a meal plan

According to your family’s preference, plan your meals. Our family prefers to eat a good lunch & dinner and our morning menu used to be super simple. Here is the sample meal plan from my planner.


Breakfast: bread variety – (sandwich/bread upma)  Lunch: prawn biriyani – pepper chicken – onion raitha Dinner: – eat out


Breakfast: pongal – sambar Lunch: – rice- sambar – elephant yam fry Dinner: – chapathi – peas masala / aloo masala


Breakfast: – vegetable vermicelli Lunch: rice- brinjal kaara kuzhambu – snake groud paruppu kootu Dinner: Chapathi – paneer masala /onion-tomato fry

Now, you get the idea. You can extend your planning by adding an evening snack, brunch or whatever you wish to add. But the baseline is, keep it simple and real.

Things-to-do to make the meal plan work

  1. Buy
  2. Make arrangements
  3. Do


Once you drafted the plan, take some time to list out all the groceries needed for the one week’s meal plan and buy it. I used to plan and buy groceries in weekends. If you plan properly and fail to buy the needed items then the plan is not going to work.

Make Arrangements

Meal planning needs a small amount of preparation. It is worthy to spend 5 minutes every night  to go through the next day’s meal plan and make any preparations that need to be done so that the plan won’t get spoiled when you start cooking the next day. I used to do a quick check once I finish dinner and do preparations that need to be done for next day’s meal plan. For instance, if I am planning to do chenna masala the next day, then I will soak it in water the previous night, in order to avoid last moment confusion or change in plan.


Now everything is all set. All you have to do is go according to the plan. So, make it as a decision to go according to your meal plan. Come on, show your skills! 🙂

Few more tips                                                                                                      

  1. Start Small – First, you can start small by planning meals for one or two days other than planning for a week and see how it works. Make a note on where you are lagging and work on it. Slowly you can increase the meal plan to a week/month as per your preference
  2. Stay motivated – For err is human. We are not machines to stick on to the plan one hundred percent. So, don’t be so hard on yourself and get de-motivated if you are not able to go as per the plan. Try one more time until you succeed.
  3. Keep it real & simple – Don’t go for complex recipes that ask for a lot of your effort and time. Keep them treasured for some special moments. You may get overwhelmed if your recipe is complex to make or you plan for many dishes a day. Your motive should be feeding your family with simple healthy meals.
  4. Be creative  – Once in a while, you can bypass the usual meal plan, and cook any one of your family member’s favorite dishes for  the whole day to pamper them & show your love. Okay, I leave the rest to your creativity! 🙂

In general, meal planning avoids all the last moment chaos and gives you a clear plan of what to be cooked each day. It helps you to reduce food wastage. Also, you will have the luxury of trying out varieties of dishes and give a try to different varieties of greens and vegetables. Above all, it saves LOTS of time & energy. Eventhough, the above process seems to be complicated, most of the steps are one time process that helps you to plan your meals easily.

I have shared my way of planning meals and I hope it helped you a little to draft a plan on your own. Feel free to tweak it and make it work for you. 🙂

Do you have any more tips or tricks to add on to this? What is your way of planning?

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A simplistic approach to meal planning – PART 1

meal planning

Another one academic year has started (in India). Most of us should be preparing/planning every bit  right from buying “back to school” stuff to “what to be sent for snacks” to our kids. So, writing a little about meal planning seemed to be apt for this season! 🙂

To be frank, I don’t plan much for meals. It involves a very little planning and with that I manage to cook for a week. I don’t cook fancy meals. I follow few simple rules while planning which saves me from chaos almost all the time.

This post is mainly for the newbies in cooking and those who break their head early in the morning for what to cook for that day.

Many of us know what is menu planning is all about and would have tried out a lot of plans and would have succeeded in your pursuit.  If we search on the internet, it gives us tons of posts that suggest us a million ways to do meal planning. Here is my story in the “pursuit” of finding a simple meal plan.

When I started to cook, I searched a lot to know about effective meal planning as I was failing whenever I plan ahead. Problems I faced were:

1. Sometimes, the original plan for that day seems to be so time-consuming to complete and in the last minute, I go for an alternate recipe.

2. I cut down few side dishes, which results in wastage of vegetables/meat. (I won’t say that there is no wastage now. But, wastages are considerably low.)

3. Planning new recipes to try that didn’t work as I planned.

In my pursuit of finding a simple meal plan, few websites did help me in that and I tweaked them a little more to work for me. You can also tweak according to your preferences to make it work for you. In addition to that, none of the plans works if we are not committed to stick on to that. 🙂

Okay, now go grab a cup of coffee and sit in a comfortable place with a pen and paper. Let’s start planning! 🙂

The following are the two steps. Next we will see in the part 2 post.

  1. List out the types of meals you prepare.
  2. List out all the dishes you cook under each type.

List out all the types of meals you prepare.

Type of your meal can be breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening snack, dinner. Strike out that you don’t need and add types if it is not mentioned here.  In our home, we prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner. (Brunch & evening snack for kids alone). Step 1 is done. Yep, I said it’s simple.  🙂

List out all the dishes under each type.

This is going to take some time. But, it is one time planning and worth the effort. Take as much time you need to prepare this list. This going to be your master list.

This should contain all the dishes, side dishes, snacks, juices, soups and almost everything you prepare listing your trademark dishes and your family favorites first. My menu strictly consists of the dishes which am confident in making and equally simple.

For example,


Idli – plain idli (List only the items you have tried and tested  so that you won’t hesitate to make it when you plan your meals.)

Dosa – Onion dosa, plain dosa, carrot dosa, egg dosa, ragi dosa, etc.

Side dishes for idli/Dosa- white chutney, sambar, coriander chutney, tomato chutney, etc.

Bread – bread upma, veg sandwich, cheese sandwich, etc.

Side dishes for bread – scrambled egg, tomato sauce.

And the list goes on. As I said earlier, take as much time as you can and try to list out almost all the familiar & simple dishes you prepare for breakfast. You will be amazed to see the variety of dishes you end up with!  🙂


Rice – plain rice, tomato rice, vegetable pulov, veg. biriyani, nonveg (prawn/mutton/chicken) biriyani, curd rice

Curries for plain rice – sambar, mutton curry, rasam,

Side dishes for plain rice –

  • beans fry – plain fry, beans usili, etc
  • Now you get the whole idea. 🙂

Similarly, plan for all the other types you listed in step 1. You may have to repeat the few items under each type of meal and that is totally fine. We love to have breakfast items for dinner. So my dinner list is a combination of breakfast  and  the lunch items.

Leave enough space under each type (breakfast, lunch, etc.) so that you can add some interesting simple recipes you  learn in the future.

Okay, we are done. Now, take a deep breath and relax! We have ust finished the major part of meal planning now! We will see what to be done next in the upcoming post on Friday.

Do you plan your meals in advance? If so, will you be interested in trying out the ones you are confident with or love to try new recipes more? Did that work for you when you plan for new recipes?

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super simple egg shell craft

To justify what I have mentioned in the “why this blog” post, here is a simple DIY to brighten up your day! 🙂

This is a guest post by Deborah Jonah.

I believe everyone loves colour!

Do you want to add colour in your home without spending a single penny?

It’s possible by using few used egg shells & some colour straws.

Things Needed

Used egg shells



A small container/flower vase

craft steps


Step 1: Paint the used egg shells. Use your creativity. Let the child inside you come out. J

Step 2: Let them dry for 1—2 hours.

Step 3: Once they are fully dry, use a stick or coloured straw for holding the shells

Step 4: Mount them on the vase! Done!

Now, keep it in your window sill or on your kitchen table or anywhere you like to make your home more colourful. 🙂

Note: This simple craft can engage your kids too. You will be surprised to see the creativity of your little ones.

About author: Deborah Jonah is a stay at home mom, loves to innovate new things, never gets bored of trying out challenging tasks, enjoys every second of life by engaging her in art, fashion, gardening, housekeeping & cooking along with her little angel, Andrea and her sweetheart Jonah.

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Are we holding on to the past?

Are we holding on to the past?

It was when Christa was around 10 months old. She started to hold sturdy things and tried to stand up with that support. She also started trying to get down from couch/ chair/ bed where ever she was sitting.

In that period of time, I was facing a downtime in my life. I couldn’t able to forget or forgive few things that happened in my life. Life was more chaotic and I was slowly losing confidence over everything. Jegan, my husband, tried his level best to lift me up as much as he could and suggested me to concentrate on other things and engage myself. I felt confident every time he talked, but then again I seem to fall in the same pit. The pit called depression. It made me fear for everything, doubt every situation. The self-pity was my favorite blanket. I hated myself for getting struck into the situation but not able to move forward. All sorts of “what ifs” came in mind whenever I try to forget the situation. The fact is that I couldn’t help myself. I was busy worrying all about myself! In short, I was not ready to get past the bitter moments and move forward. It was like as if I were comfortably sitting in the pit, continued to worry and waiting for someone to lift me up.

One day, Christa was sleeping in the bedroom and I was doing some work in the next room. Suddenly I heard her crying and rushed to the room. I was quite surprised to see her getting down the cot by herself. Her feet were about to touch the floor. But, she was crying in fear as if she is going to fell down. I went near her and tried to pull her down a little bit so that she can touch the floor. But she didn’t accept my help; she was expecting me to lift her up. As a mother, I tried to encourage her effort, I kept on telling her, “Christa, you are about to get down, just leave your hands, you will be fine; I’m holding you. You won’t fell down dear” But, she didn’t hear anything she was just holding the bed tightly and continued to cry.

Suddenly, it was like God gently reminding me that, I was also acting in the SAME way! Like my little girl holding on to the bed, I was also adamantly holding on to the bad moments that happened. I willingly closed my eyes and denied myself to see the bright future which was right before me. Holding on to the past just gave me a lot of depression and fear just like my smaller one’s crying. I could clearly understand my situation now. I felt that am childishly holding on to something useless and fearing to look at the future, just like my little girl did! How silly I am! My happy life is just a few inches away and I was not aware of it! I was busy holding on to the past. I was wrong, I was totally wrong; Coming out of depression is not a magic, no one can miraculously release me out from my depression. It is a step by step process of intentionally fighting back.

Aah! Someone’s crying! I came back to the real world as my small one was continuously crying. I lifted her up and gave her lots of kisses and calmed her down. Happiness was overflowing all over me for I’ve learnt a special and unique lesson that day! 🙂

I thanked God a ton of times for teaching me a special lesson. I asked him to help me let go everything in the past and look forward with a thankful heart.

From that day, whenever those negative thoughts peaked in, I started to say loudly that, “The past is past. It doesn’t have anything to do with my present and future. Am going to live a peaceful life”. Little by little, inch by inch, all those negative thoughts faded away and I was able to forgive and forget those haunting moments. Now, It is like a dream! A happy dream! 🙂  And, what all I feared, worried & questioned in those times of depression, seems to be meaningless now! The good thing is that I have realized it. Else, I would have been in a depression and ruined my happiness till now and would have been waiting for someone to come and lift me up, which would have resulted in severe depression that I could not handle it anymore!

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we do get hit by unexpected drastic situations. But, those situations are meant to teach us few things. Those are not the ones to make us feel devastated and sit in the corner and ask “why me?!”. But the choice is yours.

While turning back, I have no regrets! I’m so thankful for that situation in life. It moulded me into a more thoughtful and happy person than before. It helped me to look at my life in a bigger picture and not to blame other people for my situation. Now also, I do feel down when situations didn’t go in the way that I expected. But, now, am handling things differently. Now, I know the magic of letting go, and moving on with hope to face the upcoming situations no matter what.

As they say, it’s true that happiness lies within us. We can’t seek it outside.No one can spoil our happiness unless we do it. Also, no one can make us happy unless we are happy! 🙂 Let’s just let go all our bitter moments in the past; for letting go frees our soul. It gives us the confidence to face the future and enjoy the present. Let’s live the life one day at a time and start living every bit of it.

So, what are you going to choose? Holding on to a daunting past? or to move on and live in the present with the  hope to face the future?

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