5 Simple Things That Can Make Your Mornings Hustle Free

By | February 23, 2016

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Either you are a stay at home mom or a full-time/ part-time working mom; our mornings are always busy like a washing machine! We run, run and run until everyone gets out of the home. A lot of times, its more tiresome and eventually causes meltdowns. Some days, this morning hustle is enough to fill in all negativity into us.

Deep down our hearts, we all long to sort it out and have a peaceful morning routine, but we often don’t get time to sort it out or just procrastinate to do that. So, let’s try to sort it out here and find few simple ways to tackle it. The main reason for our stressful morning time is: we are trying to do EVERYTHING in the morning time. Right from searching important things, cleaning up, cooking, sorting, to choosing what to wear, we try to do it ALL in the morning time. Obviously, our body and mind get tired and we feel exhausted once we finish up the morning tasks.

If we would like to choose a hustle free morning, then we have to lessen the burden that we are giving to us every SINGLE morning.  The best way to lessen the load is to split up the load into simple tasks and do that in the previous day whenever we get time.

So, here are the five simple things that can eventually make your mornings hustle free. After reading this, if you feel that it can reduce your morning hustle then I encourage you to try it one at a time.

  1. Keep things in place.

It is an old proverb that my father in law used to say it often “A place for everything and everything in its place”. [I can hear the groaning! 😀 ] Yup, it’s the first and foremost step. As I always say, simple living is a set of wise choices that often don’t look fancy. I’m very poor in following routines. I never keep anything in proper place so as my kids. It was dreadful to find their ID cards, his car keys and almost anything in the busy morning time, made a very irregular person like me to be a little regular in few things. To avoid this morning rush of searching items, I put a small container to put my kids ID card and belts and a separate bowl to keep his car keys and his wallet. It took few weeks to encourage & train my kids to put it in there. But, it made a great difference in my morning rush.

Now, this is what my kids do as soon as they come from school (almost 90% of the days). Put the shoes & socks in place. Put the lunch and snacks boxes to wash and keep their school belts and their ID cards in separate place. All I need to do is to be mindful when they enter into the house and gently remind them to keep everything in its place. As days go by, it will be a habit for them. As for me, it’s still in practice. 😉

  1. Keep the next day’s dresses & accessories ready

In a rush morning time, a big block of time is spent to decide “what to wear” for that particular day.  My first one has to wear different color uniform & socks on alternate days. I have just 2 pairs in both of that. Even though having less is great, sometimes it gives me such a headache. Some days, I end up finding that there is no pair of socks to wear in the last minute. This gives me lots stress and guilt. After that, I tackled that by spending just 5 minutes in the evening while my kids change their uniforms.  While they change, I go check whether the uniform & socks are available for the next day. If not, it gives me time to get it ready before next day morning. And, I exactly know where all their uniforms & socks are, and I will be totally relaxed to face that particular part in the morning time.

Also, if you are an office goer, you can spend just 5 minutes to select next day’s office wear when you change the dress that evening. Our mind used to be calm in the evenings and it is easier to decide than in the rush morning hours. If something is missing or needs to be washed, we can do it that night other than getting annoyed the next morning! This helps us to face the next morning without any unexpected surprises and stress.

  1. Keep  the things ready for cooking.

This one saves me a huge amount of time. Once dinner is over, I used to take out the main ingredients (2-3 items max) that are needed for cooking for the next morning. Also, I try to clean dishes that are needed for the next day.

This is what I do after dinner. (Okay, almost 90%)  I take out the quantity of rice needed, soak beans and wash the vessels that I use for cooking the next day. By doing so, I don’t have to search for the vessels or get extra work by cleaning them in the morning and measure or look out for  main items in the morning rush. It helps me lots to finish up my work quickly in the kitchen. In addition, it gives space to plan my next day’s menu in advance. Usually, it takes merely 10 minutes to finish this routine and sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes (if I have more dishes to clean).

  1. Cut vegetables, just a little.

Too much of work in the evening can make us tired. Already we have made simple but few wise choices. Cutting vegetables may seem to be an over work, but I suggest to do a little cutting in the previous evening.  I used to do one vegetable side dish every day for my lunch. So I prefer to chop vegetables for preparing the veg side dish in the evening time. I do it while I watch my favorite program on TV. It helps me not to spend more time in making my side-dish in the morning. Other veggies can be chopped in no time while this side-dish is getting ready.

  1. Fill ALL possible things for the next day

If we take a list of items that we need to take care of in the morning, then we will be surprised to see the size of that list. Children’s snacks, water bottles, lunch boxes, towels, spoons, pencils, eraser, sharpener, books and few more. Every item takes at least 2-5 minutes to get it ready.

 In order to avoid last minute hustle, some items in the list can be tackled by our kids and others by us the previous night. For example, if we encourage them to arrange their bags & boxes in the night, then there won’t be any serious searches for a particular book in the morning. If we keep the water bottles and snack boxes filled and ready the previous night, then surely it is going to save time and lessen our stress in the morning.


These are the five simple things that I practice in my day-to-day life to reduce the morning hustle. How you tackle the morning hustle and what are your choices that help you reduce the morning hustle?


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