5 simple ways to overcome depression

By | June 16, 2015

5 ways to overcome depression-Depression is one of the worst enemies of this fast-moving world. It not only oozes out our mental strength but also affects our physical strength. It conquers all our happiness and confidence slow and steady! Day by day, it shuts us down and prevents us from doing anything.

On the other hand, if we compare depression as a poisonous substance then stress is a slow poison. Although we need some percentage of stress to help us function more efficiently, continuous stress  causes depression. Results say that only 10% of people suffer from depression without the influence of stress. The pre-stage of depression is too much of stress.

Most of us stress out almost all the time. Few of the common reasons that create stress are: workload, deadlines, heavy traffic, crying child, slow internet, bad road, hot climate, visitors without prior notice, and a LOT more. Some seems to be silly, but when we look into us deeply, we can see a lot of stress are coming from our day to day life.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, depression can not be overcome all of a sudden. It is a step by step process of intentionally fighting back. Here are the few steps that help to overcome depression in your day-to-day life

  1. Write all your thoughts in a paper & tackle it
  2. Forgive and forget
  3. Plan ahead and prevent the last minute stress
  4. Do something you love the most
  5. Eat healthily & sleep well

Write all your thoughts in a paper and tackle it

Depression is caused by a cluttered mind. For instance, once we return from office, our mind is relaxed and calm when we see a clean home. But, on the contrary, if we keep on dumping everything and fail to de-clutter our home, at one point of time, we won’t have a space to breathe peacefully.

Same thing happens in our mind. If we keep on stressing out and worrying about a lot of things, our mind could not handle it and results in depression. Instead of tackling the problems right away and throwing it away from our mind, we feel delicate to look at those fearful heaps of problems that are ruling our mind. But the truth is, those were not as fearful as we imagine. They can be handled and cleared off. Some of us tell that, “I don’t know what makes me feel low”, “I couldn’t sort out the reason for my depression”. Friend, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t sort out the reasons; it means that you are not willing to tackle the problem area.

To tackle our depression, we should know what all the factors that cause depression. For that, just sit down and WRITE what ALL you have in your mind right now. Your future goals, happiness, regrets, problems, hidden truths, relationship issues, work-related issues, deadlines, whatever! Whatever you have in mind, just dump it in a paper. Now you know what all running your mind. Read the list line by line. Tackle it one by one.

If you have to finish anything that have tight deadlines, then plan as per to finish it. If you have done any mistakes, ask for forgiveness. If you think that you have too many things on your plate right now, go ahead and say no to few things and free up your time. Strike off few plans that are stressing you out or just mark it for future and free up your present.

Strike off  the problems once tackled. It may take time to tackle it. But, it’s worth the effort. Common, free up your mind so that it can breathe! I’m sure that you won’t regret doing this. It frees up your body and soul and helps you to overcome depression.

Forgive and forget

The major thing that causes depression is our inability to forgive, let go and forget the bitter past. The life is too short to hold regrets and grudge against people. Forgiving people frees up our mind and soul. Everyone fails including us. Everyone disappoints including us. So, instead on counting on to EVERY single mistake of others, just practise to let go the bad past and forgive. It will make you a better person.

We are here to spread happiness and love. Let’s start that by forgiving people and forgetting those bad moments. Start looking the life in a bigger picture. We are blessed with so many things that are just a dream to most of the people in this world. So let’s stop focussing on to the negatives and turn our eyes towards all the good things we have and enjoy, in our day to day life.

Forgiving gives the other person to come out of their guiltiness and live a peaceful life. You are not only making you feel better but also touch another person’s life by your forgiveness.

Forgetting the hurtful moments is as important as forgiveness. Forgetting a haunting past prevents us from thinking about it, blaming the people who were responsible for it. This gifts you, not only a happy present but also and a hopeful future.

Plan ahead to prevent last minute stress

As I said earlier, continuous stress results in depression. When you start analyzing your stressful moments, you would have found out that lack of planning causes a considerable amount of stress. Planning ahead is a magic key to overcoming stress. For instance, Selecting the next day’s office wear, packing the things that are needed for school/office, getting the proper pair of socks, planning the next day’s lunch – everything will save you loads of time in the morning and present you a stress free morning. It will give the option to have a good sleep without any stress of doing all these in the morning. You wake up with a peaceful mind, get ready without hurry, have a healthy breakfast and move to the office on time. As your mind is calm, and your body get the proper nutrients, you can handle the things in that day without much stress. You get my idea.

In short, there should be a little amount of planning needed in every  area of our life, in order to avoid everyday stress which in turn helps to overcome depression.

 Do something you love

We are rushing and running all the time in our daily life. No time to sit back, relax and do what we really like.  There is a proverb that says “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. When there is no time for relaxation, and we continue to live a monotonous lifestyle, it will gradually change us to dull & depressed. Do something you love EVERY SINGLE DAY. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee early in the morning or a warm water shower at the end of the day, take some time to do it. These things don’t seem too flashy, but these contribute much for our happiness. Once you come back from office, other than just spending time in TV or burying your face in laptop or mobile, do something you really love. Take the time to make a note on the things you enjoy and make sure you do it.

Eat healthily & sleep well.

A healthy diet also contributes a big share to fight against depression. Make a point not to skip meals and eat on time. Food is not the place to show your emotions. If you really love yourself, eat even if you don’t feel like eating. Look out for vitamins that are helpful to fight depression and make sure to include that in your diet. Avoid junk as much as you can and look out for healthy snacks. Have a proper bedtime routine to have a better sleep that results in a good rest and stress-free morning which in turn overcome depression.

What are your choices to overcome depression? Is there any other point that you follow to fight depression?

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