5 Ways To Show Love To Your Partner Other Than Gifts

By | July 8, 2015

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Most of us enjoy the period before marriage. We all have our own sweet memories of the time we spent with our partners before marriage. Late night talks, surprise visits, unexpected gifts, sweet nothings, silly arguments, too much pampering, plans for the future, moments waiting to meet, and a lot more. Everyone has their own interesting stories to ponder and share.

But, once married, everything goes upside down. We lose patience towards our partner,  take them for granted, couldn’t bare their tiny mistakes and we literally want them to be perfect and ideal which creates a lot of problems and misunderstandings. In addition to that, the internet plays an important role. Lots of jokes are passed on regarding marriage and it is misleading the younger generation and the married couples. Most of us have a wrong assumption that marriage is not a thing to be cherished and enjoyed. It’s seems to be a not so fancy life long commitment. I was also in the same phase in my early days of marriage. Our marriage looked horrible in 2 months. Lots of arguments, misunderstandings until I met a person who undergone divorce. She insisted that marriage is the best relationship we can ever have and the saddest part is, many of us don’t understand that until we lose it. She advised me look at marriage in a bigger picture. It was a total eye opener for me. There was a remarkable positive change in my marriage after that. So, before losing that precious gift, let us start respect our marriage, our partner and our relationship. Let us try to live happily  in this wonderful commitment.

Yes, marriage is a long term commitment. It has to be maintained with care and love in order to live at its best. In fact, marriage can be made sweeter and nicer more than before when we intentionally work on it. The base of the marriage is love & trust. We all show love to our partners in many ways, mainly through gifts. Here are five (known but seldom used! :))creative ways to show our love and pamper them other than just gifts!

Wake them up in an unhurried manner with a heartfelt smile.

We used to have a good day when we wake up with a happy heart. Try to give a pleasant situation when your partner is waking up so that he/she remains with that positive energy the whole day!  Wake them up gently with a heartfelt smile. Give him/ her favourite cup of tea/coffee and make them feel loved early in the morning. Sit for 5 minutes, chat with them until they finish up their coffee. Even though it can’t be done every single day because of our busy schedules, make it as a point to present them a blissful morning whenever you get a chance.

It is also a best stress buster to cool down your partner if you both have a misunderstanding the night before. This act of kindness eases up the situation, make them feel loved. For sure all the hard feelings will fly away and love will be overflowing.

Write personal notes to them

Writings speak more than words [at least for me! :)]. We may forget the words that our loved ones spoke but not the letters/notes/emails. Letters and notes can be saved and treasured, read whenever we feel like reading it and it remains with us as a token of our blissful love. So, occasionally write notes, it can be either a thank you note or a passionate love note or a funny note. Write to them and keep it in some place where they can find it. It might be a heartfelt thank you note or a passionate love note, don’t hesitate to express. Give them an expectation that they may find your notes surprisingly in unexpected places as a treasure hunt. As I always say, love is highly contagious. It will affect the other person so quickly and soon you will find yourself caught into the happiness of sharing your love.

Give space to them

Relationships can be crisper when we give the needed space to our partners. If he loves to go out with friends, accept it without hesitation. When we allow them without any hard feelings, they will be happy and would love to be at home without any compulsion. Take care of your kids and surprise her by allowing her to go somewhere she loves to go. Surprise your partner by booking her/him a spa so that he/she can relax for a while. Giving space in the marriage relationship helps in growing the relationship. Relationships are like wet soaps. If we try to hold it tight, we will lose it for sure. Treat them gently, give them their space and they will feel happy and feel loved. Do I need to say, there will be a remarkable positive changes in your marriage?

Plan for a surprise date lunch

We all get into a machine life with our day to day responsibilities. There is not much time to think out of the box and have a good time with our partners except very few days. In order to overcome that, plan for a surprise date lunch. Just inform them an hour before and check for their availability and visit him/her in her/him office to have lunch together. Definitely they feel so happy & loved to see you in that unexpected moment. Have your lunch together with a lot of conversations. Love is to be expressed. Even though we know we love our partners and vice versa, it’s important to express our love to feel them loved. This gives a comfort to them in the midst of everything. Let’s learn the joy in giving love to our partners.

Switch off all your gadgets for some time and give your time

We have a stressful work atmosphere. There are lots of deadlines to be met, clients to be taken care, bugs to be fixed, and problems to be solved. As soon as we come home, we engage ourselves with our laptop or mobile phones or TV, in the name of relaxation. There are not much of conversations going on nowadays. The interactions are not happening as a couple or as a family. Everyone is engaged in their own gadgets. Lets us be the starter of the conversations. Let us gift our time to our partner. Share the day’s happenings or ask about his/her day. There might be few ups and downs every day. Ask them and make them feel relaxed by sharing it to you. Relationships will be healthy if there are a lot of healthy conversations going on.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. What are the other creative ways you prefer to show love to your partner other than just gifts?

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