A Little More About Me On My Birthday!

By | April 22, 2016

A little more about me on my birthday

Today is my birthday! For me, it’s like am just out of college and I still remember the days I struggled to get work! Yet, 12 years gone by! So, on this special day, I would like to reveal more about myself to let you know that am just a normal and average person and in fact, most of you should be functioning and handling things far better than me!

As you all know, I am a stay at home mom with two lovely kids named Catherine and Christa and wife to a wonderful husband who is an enthusiastic entrepreneur (I’m still learning to pronounce the word “entrepreneur”! 😉 )

This post is to just let everyone know that I’m nowhere special or efficient just by writing or running a blog and I too have all struggles just like you in leading my daily life. To be frank, am lesser than average and learning to simplify my life beyond all complexities!

Here are the few more truths about me!

  1. I am NOT the one who stands out of the crowd but one among the large average group; I am a work in progress. I am a jack of all and master of nothing! AND I have had trouble in following routines. I’m getting little better now. (Maybe, because of the age! 😉 )
  2. I have difficulty in climbing the escalators. Yes, I still stand wait for half a minute and then only climb on it very carefully. (On the other hand, my little ones do it without any problem!)
  3. I am allergic to sounds. Few sounds are enough to make me down for a whole day! Writing with the tip of chalk piece on a black board, brake sounds and dragging furniture on a tiled floor make me panic and depressed.
  4. I don’t do a variety of cooking. I repeat and make simple tweaks in that now and then. On the other hand, I love to try out a variety of cuisines and love to taste new dishes. But, my choice of food always flops wherever I go! Yet, I have the looove towards tasting new dishes hoping that will taste good.
  5. I have travel sickness and hate long trips in car. On the other hand my hubby loves to go for long trips in car! What a combo!
  6. I have love towards both coffee and tea and both are my comfort drinks when I need a break!
  7. I used to be so sensitive and my parents call me “delicate darling”.
  8. I faced lots of failures after my college and made wrong decisions which changed my life as a whole. But, now am so very thankful for those mistakes as those failures and mistakes moulded me into a person of who I am today!
  9. I wished not to marry my husband but married him and ended up loving him too much. Now, I am thankful that I didn’t go as per my decision!
  10. I plan a lot but very poor in executing it.
  11. I LOVE dancing and acting in plays. I have done a lot of performance in my school days but now, I do a very little bit of dancing in parties, family get-togethers and with my girls at home.
  12. I am very bad in remembering names and sometimes people’s faces. oops! Faced lots of awkward moments because of that!
  13. Whenever I feel stressed out, I lie down or try to sleep for 20 minutes without thinking anything. I believe relaxing for 20 minutes can help me regenerate and continue to do my work.
  14. I never get too close to anyone and I have less than 5 close friends. But they are my best! 🙂
  15. I CAN’T multitask. When I work, I couldn’t even hear what others talk next to me/ what song is getting played. Yes, you can scold me when I work and I will accept that without any objection! 😉
  16. I am very poor in geography. I don’t understand maps till now and always prefer to use navigator even for short distance and my whole family teases me about that. 😀
  17. I have immense respect & love towards my school teachers & grandparents. I don’t consider this as a good quality but as a privilege to have them in my life.
  18. Besides writing, I have a love towards fashion designing & kitchen gardening (both are on my bucket list 😉 )
  19. When I feel unproductive, I go colour one or two pages in my girl’s colour book and feel good about my accomplishment 😉
  20. I really get cranky when someone (specially my children 😛 ) interrupts in my work as it takes me more time to get back on track (I mean concentrate) and continue the work! See #15.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. As I mentioned above, I am just like you and I have my own struggles and minus points. Yet, I love sharing my day today learning in this blog with a hope that it helps least one reader who desperately needs that.

Me signing off to enjoy my evening! Good day to you all!


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