A Simple De-cluttering Tip That Can Save Your Sanity.

By | August 4, 2016

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We all enjoy looking at flawless pictures of organized closets, neatly arranged books in the living room, perfectly decorated rooms and fabulously designed bathrooms! We save those in our desktops, download it on our mobile phones, pin it to our Pinterest boards and really wish that someday we should do something to make our home picture perfect. Sometimes, we spend hours together looking at those and choose what fits our home and make a note of it. BUT in reality, all that seem to be an untouchable goal. Our homes are still messy, our interiors seem to be outdated, our furniture seems to be worn out and toys shelf is a total horror!  Even though we go beyond to make our interiors, our home still seems to be messy and overflowing with a lot of “STUFFS”!

So, in short, “STUFFS” are one of the major reasons that make our homes look disgusting. Clutter can be paper clutter, an overflowing amount of dresses, kitchen utensils, kids’ toys, craft items and so on!

On the other side, in reality, we know that we never ever attain the goal of Pinterest perfect homes as those are staged, staged and staged to perfection.

Other than drooling over that perfection, we can take a simple step to make our home a less cluttered one and give it a clean look.

Earlier, I used to spend hours together to clear out my clothes, choose what is needed, what is my favorite and clear out other things to give away. But, that seems to be so time-consuming and I used to end up in clearing out very few items and moreover it takes more time and makes it so hard to de-clutter all the stuff in one go.

Recently, I did something that saved my time and made my wardrobes look clean and neat within minutes.

Here Is What I Did!

I took all the clothes from a particular rack which I felt I am not accessing much and put that in a cardboard box and kept it aside.

You heard me right? “I just cleared out EVERYTHING in that particular rack”. WOW! Now I got a COMPLETELY empty rack and it REALLY felt very good to see an empty rack in my nearly overflowing wardrobe.

After that, all I did was, whenever I wanted something from that particular rack, I searched it from that cardboard box for the next THREE months. And at the end of the third month, I gave away everything that stayed in the cardboard box. AND it was almost ¾ th of the box! By this way, I cleared out ¾ th of my rack without making any great effort to sort out my favorite clothes.

For me, three months was enough to find out my favorite clothes. It can be 6 months or 1 year for others. You can be flexible with the timings. But, this can really help you to get away with any of your clutter.

In your home, the clutter can be in the form of books or craft items or a messy rack in your kitchen. Whatever it might be, all you have to is, just wipe out everything in that particular rack and keep it in a cardboard box. For the next 3 – 6 months, search for items when you need it, from that box other than searching it from the rack.  I’m sure that will take the same time as you search in the rack. BUT, it will help in finding out your “needed” items for your wardrobe/ kitchen /bookshelf /craft items and get rid of the other items without working out much on it.

Hope this helps! What is your effective, time-saving de-cluttering tip?



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