A Simple Nail Art

By | June 23, 2015

A simple nail art

This is a guest post by Sarah Paul

Hello everyone,  I have great interest towards fashion and trends. I love to create my very own styles, because I’m so poor at replicating and copying others. I try to create comfortable, suitable and appealing looks for me. Every women is beautiful in their own way. I strongly believe, that a confident and outgoing woman would look very beautiful more importantly inside and also outside.

So why do I talk so much about beauty, because this blog is going to offer a DIY beauty tutorial. All girls and women love to have pretty nails and beautiful hands. Some spend so much of money in nail salons for manicure to beautify their fingers and nails. But why don’t we try that at home.The internet is just flooded with thousands of nail art tutorials, and here is mine too. But I hope this post will provide you a step by step tutorial, which is simple and realistic and it can be really done at home. Trust me once you get familiar and comfortable doing this, you are just gonna pat yourself and say “ what a talented nail artist am I”. No tools required, all you need is a cello-tape/scotch tape.

Step 1:

Take 2 to 3 nails polishes. ( I am using 2 colors for this demonstration.)

Clean your nails, file them. Then paint your nails with a base color, apply 2 to 3 coats. Let them dry completely. Don’t worry if it gets messy, we can clean it up at the end.


Step 2:

Take a tape ( preferably the one with a small breath and less adhesive), cut it in small lengths. Try to make it less adhesive, by sticking it on a surface and then use it on your nails. Because more adhesiveness may pull your nail paint off. Place it on your nails and try to bring out some shapes, designs, patterns as you desire. Let your creativity work for you. Here in this demonstration, I created a simple triangle and rectangle.


Step 3:

Once the tapes are positioned correctly, apply the next color. Remove the tape while the polish is still wet. Do one nail at a time. Let them completely dry. They will look fancy already.


Step 4:

If you want to decorated them further. And if you find some beads, rhinestones or glitters at home, you can use them too. Let your creativity fly. These tiny accessories can easily stick firm on your nails using nail polishes itself.


Step 5:

Never forget to seal your work with a transparent or glossy top coat. And clean up the extra nail paint and the mess around the nails, using a nail polish remover and q-tip.


Keep calm and get your nails done.


A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying. BH


I believe you guys enjoyed my DIY and I hope you have found some nail decorating inspirations.

Remember, practice is everything. Don’t loose interest if you cant do it at the first time, keep trying.

Outdoor look of my pretty nails.


See you soon with another interesting blog.

About author: Hi, I’m Sarah Paul. Precious daughter of the all mighty. Married to a wonderful man and mom of two beautiful children, Angie and Jaden. I was born and raised up by devoted and God fearing parents, who taught me to be an independent and a strong woman in life. I’m a perfectionist (at least to a certain extent). I love to learn and try out new things.

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