Welcome to strivingtobesimple.com. I’m Beulah Jegan, a stay-at-home mother of three little angels aged Cathy (10), Christa (6) & Chelsea(5 months), wife of an enthusiastic entrepreneur and wonderful husband, Jegan and precious daughter of Jesus Christ.

I was born and brought up in a very loving family from the southern part of India. So, my blog will have an Indian, particularly, south Indian touch. [And I like it that way! 🙂 ]

I’m neither a great planner nor a perfectionist and I fail in my decisions hell a lot of times. Till now, I have trouble in following routines. [Yes, I’m that much irregular 🙂 ]. But the difference is, I have learned that it’s okay to fail in things and nothing to worry about the failure. Instead of blaming myself for those failures, I’m learning to try again one more time. This helps me to stay positive irrespective of all the odds around me.

In addition to that, I’m a believer in Christ. He is one who mentored me a lot through His letter, Bible. It’s been the best letter I have ever read. It speaks to me differently each time I read according to the situation. I’ve learned a lot from there. Click here to know more about me. 🙂

Here in this blog, I will be sharing my stories (mixture of all emotions!), lessons learned in my day-to-day life, my journey with Christ and thoughts on what I’ve learnt from the Bible, few tried out tips to live simple, very easy and tasty tried out recipes (mostly south Indian recipes both vegetarian & non-vegetarian varieties), updates on simple kids craft projects we tried at home. Basically, it’s going to be a combo of my life learnings and good moments. I have created the blog to keep track of my precious moments and unforgettable learning that came along in my life.

Now, feel free to check out my blog!. Share your thoughts in comments. Also, you can write to me @ strivingtobesimple@gmail.com