Count Your Blessings. Name Them One By One.

By | July 14, 2015

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I was sitting in the couch with tears. My mind was rewinding the things happened that day. I was sinking in self-pity. “No, I can’t take it anymore”, my lips murmured with hopelessness!. I started pouring my thoughts to God “I can’t handle these anymore. It’s too much to handle. I couldn’t go by my plans. I’m failing lot of times. I don’t want to try another time. I’m all done. Why did you make me stand alone and struggle? Where am I missing? Blah blah blah…..”  I felt a bit relieved. Thinking to change my mind, I washed my face, made a cup of coffee, sat on my couch with my laptop and started to browse. (This is called Self-pampering! 🙂 ) I kept on browsing and browsing until I saw that picture! That ONE picture completely changed me from self-pity to thankfulness! It made me  feel sorry for pouring unwanted things to God and made me  feel ashamed of my attitude. What was in that picture?? It’s the one from Srilankan war crimes! Oh, my! It was so heartbreaking. Usually, I avoid watching any videos/photos/movies that has too much of human abuse/torturing. I never get  a temptation to watch the videos that have the warning, “weak-hearted are not advised to watch the video”. Yes, if I watch anything like that, it won’t go out of my mind at least for a week. But, I saw that photo accidentally and it affected me deep inside.  At the moment I saw the photo, I felt like God hath ANSWERED all my useless blabbing immediately. I felt sorry for being so delicate by getting upset for too little (before it seemed to be a mountain! :)) things!

Yes, how privileged we are, even though we are not better than those are the ones in deep pain! They have encountered lots of pain that words cannot describe. Men, women and even children were tortured, abused and killed without humanity. Their houses were destroyed. While we have lot of  short terms and long term goals to achieve in our life, escaping from those heartless killers and being alive is their only short and term target goal for them EVERY single day! Their children were denied to have an education. Oh, I am not ready to explain further more about them. Words can’t do justice in describing their painful situation!

We have got homes to live, people to love, education is our basic rights, secured society, food is always in our table, we enjoy going to places  without any threat of terrorism. We are living in a secured society with a sophisticated lifestyle. Besides, we have clean air and water, medical facilities, and almost everything is available. But still we find ourselves missing out the things we don’t have!

Yes, we are all blessed with an infinite number of things which we are not aware of. If we started to list all those, we never and ever complain at all! And am sure that,instead of feeling inadequate, stressed and depressed, we all will be filled with a heart of thankfulness and we will find ourselves more content with what we have.

If those victims were given one more chance to live in our place, I’m sure they will feel like they are living in heaven! But, we are living here from our birth and looking out for further more comfortable situation. Sad but true! We often find ourselves in self-pity and comparison and allow them to spoil our happiness. When we are in self-pity or when we start comparing others, our views tend to be so narrow. Encourage yourself to look at life in a bigger picture.

We curse the heavy traffic, we get upset with slow internet, we feel depressed when our partner couldn’t understand certain problem, we doubt ourselves when our children disobey, feel bad about for not taking proper diet and.. yes, that endless list goes on! Dear reader, there are LOT more disturbing issues out there to really worry about. Let’s remind ourselves that truth whenever we get upset with these simple issues. Tackle all the issues that are disturbing you other than worrying about it.

Let’s start living with gratitude and be thankful for the innumerable things we are blessed with! When we start looking at the things we are thankful for, we will be amazed to see how abundantly we are blessed in our day to day life.

I have a habit of recording (voice) the good things I’m blessed with. I record the incidents that were more inspirational, that made me feel blessed and encouraged me to live more intentionally, in my own voice. I hear it whenever I feel down or depressed. It helps me to be thankful whenever I get irritated and stressed with all my day to day issues. Find your comfortable ways to remind yourself how blessed you are and make it as a reminder to get back to your track whenever you feel down and depressed.

It’s normal to feel stressed out in our day to day life. But the key is, how fast we come out of it and jump back to normal  and get ready to run in our path with full energy. In short, in order to come out of all our negatives, count your blessings, name it, engrave it in your heart so that you can call your blessings by their names whenever problems knock your door. As soon as you call them, problems seem to be nothing and once again  you will feel happy and content.

So, how you tackle your problems? Remind yourselves all the blessings and get energy to tackle it? Or get depressed and blame others for it?

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