Learning Moment: How is giving love to others look like?

By | May 7, 2015


I have two girl children aged 6 and 2 and I’m a stay at home mom. So, we three happened to spend more time together. Some days are so enjoyable, some are stressful and some are bland and normal. I used to learn at-least one little thing from my day to day life, that too from my children. This is one such incident, which turned out to be a great learning moment. It gave me a new perspective in the joy of giving love to others without expectation.

My second one has started to talk few words. She is trying to understand our conversations. Sometimes, she misunderstands our questions and give hilarious replies. We all have a good time hearing her talk and she also enjoys talking to us.

One such misunderstanding made me learn few things about giving love to others.

This is what happens all the time:

Whenever she kisses me, I ask her “Now, it’s mommy’s turn, where you want kisses baby?” Instead of asking for a kiss, she points out my forehead and kisses my forehead. If I ask, “then??” She continues to point out another place and gives a kiss. She keeps repeating it until I stop asking for it.

It’s always a happy treat for me. She never expects me to kiss. All she does is giving lots of kisses until I stop asking for it. She runs with a big smile once she kisses. It delights her, and it delights me more!

This reminds me in the joy of giving others without any expectation. She didn’t expect a return or concerned about getting an appreciation and all she did was giving what I needed. What if, I can give love to others without expecting any reward or love in return? Yes, that should be the best thing I can ever do to touch others lives. There will be no regrets, no pain and all I get is a flawless happiness that no human can give. The key is, there is no expectation in that love.

That’s why, God also insisted in having a child like heart. While reading the bible, I feel God did the same while He was on Earth. He gave happiness, love & affection to all the people He met. He touched millions of life. Nothing stopped Him from doing it. It’s all because, He never expected anything in return. He never expected them to understand His love, be His disciples or anything else. All He did was: He gave LOTS of love. He preached not only when a lot of people surrounded him, but also did the same when there is only one needy person. Each soul seemed to be important to Him. He did miracles not only in public but also in the places where no one notices. That is true love. That brings lots of happiness to both giving & receiving ends.

I learned that, love is spontaneous when there is no expectation. Love is bold when there is no fear or question of receiving it back. Love delights the receiving ends when there is no expectation of returning back.

Have you ever tasted the joy of giving love without any expectations? Does any interesting conversation/moment turn out to be a learning experience for you?

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