By | June 5, 2015

super simple egg shell craft

To justify what I have mentioned in the “why this blog” post, here is a simple DIY to brighten up your day! 🙂

This is a guest post by Deborah Jonah.

I believe everyone loves colour!

Do you want to add colour in your home without spending a single penny?

It’s possible by using few used egg shells & some colour straws.

Things Needed

Used egg shells



A small container/flower vase

craft steps


Step 1: Paint the used egg shells. Use your creativity. Let the child inside you come out. J

Step 2: Let them dry for 1—2 hours.

Step 3: Once they are fully dry, use a stick or coloured straw for holding the shells

Step 4: Mount them on the vase! Done!

Now, keep it in your window sill or on your kitchen table or anywhere you like to make your home more colourful. 🙂

Note: This simple craft can engage your kids too. You will be surprised to see the creativity of your little ones.

About author: Deborah Jonah is a stay at home mom, loves to innovate new things, never gets bored of trying out challenging tasks, enjoys every second of life by engaging her in art, fashion, gardening, housekeeping & cooking along with her little angel, Andrea and her sweetheart Jonah.

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