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By | May 25, 2015




There are tons of blogs in the whole blog world. Some are unique, some are so popular, some are just normal ones, some didn’t get noticed at all and the list goes on. My blog, striving to be simple is an addition of one more blog in that blog world. I’m just a drop in that ocean. In that case: why this blog? What is striving to be simple all about? Before moving on to that question, I would like to say a little bit of myself.

A little History

From my school days, I love to teach/tell others what I learned, right from mathematics!.Whenever I find some easy way to do the homework or anything else, I used to spread it to my classmates and friends. Especially those who struggle in doing homework or anything else, find easy to approach me and ask how to complete/ understand it easily. I used to help them [if I know the solution!], and that delights me all the time. Not only maths, but I have a thirst to analyze and learn to do things in a simpler way in my day to day life. I’m not only interested in learning all by myself but to share all my learning & experiences to everyone. So, I ended up with this blog.

The Reason behind the name “striving to be simple.”

I love doing things in a simpler way. I love to optimize my day to day life tasks in order to avoid wearing out doing the same task every single day. I look out for simple ways to do even a usual task. (I have a confession here! I do a lot of thinking and plan out for doing my works simpler, I still have difficulty in executing those. Yep, am that much lazy! Am working on that part now). Right from cooking to personal relationships, I love simplicity. Living simply is my passion.

I don’t say that I’ve attained simplicity, for it’s a lifetime journey. I’ve started to live simple by making simple choices in my day to day life.
So, I named my blog “Striving to be simple.”

This blog is not intended to get more traffic nor targeted to be popular. All the posts are written out of care and concern so that it may help someone somewhere who needs it more. My wish will be fulfilled even if my posts reach one person who gets clarity in their struggling area after reading my post.

What will be in this blog?

Lots of real life stories accompanied with what I learned from those experiences.

Simple recipes

Important happenings in my life

Simple organizational schedules, tried out tips, failed organizational routines

Simple craft/sewing projects that we tried at home (only when I try [;-D])

When can you expect a post from me?

Currently, I’m planning to publish two posts a week.

One post on Tuesday and next on Friday at 10 o’clock in the morning (IST)

Ok friends, I have written what all came up related to this blog. Besides to that, is there anything I should consider regarding this blog? If so, what are they?

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